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Texas Woman Files Lawsuit after Barrage of Debt Collection Calls

Texas Woman Files Lawsuit after Barrage of Debt Collection Calls

No one likes being reminded of debts they owe, especially if financial hardship makes it difficult to pay. But when debt collection calls and notices target the wrong person, the frustration and stress of the situation may cross the line from annoying to illegal.

That is exactly what one Texas woman is accusing Speedy Cash of in a recent lawsuit filed in federal court. According to the lawsuit, the 69-year-old woman has been harassed by Speedy Cash, who has attempted to collect a debt that the woman does not owe. The debt in question is reportedly a payday loan taken out by the woman’s daughter, but her name and information is nowhere on the contract or debt. She has, in fact, never had a relationship with the company herself.

The lawsuit further claims that the barrage of debt collection calls has resulted in emotional distress, invasion of privacy, and aggravation. The woman, stressed out about the constant calls on her mobile phone, even purchased a device designed to stop calls, but to no avail.

Unlawful Debt Collection Practices?

According to the lawsuit and attorneys, the debt collection practices of Speedy Cash are not only aggravating, they are also illegal. Consumer protection laws are designed to prevent unfair and harassing debt collection practices. In the case of Speedy Cash, attorneys working on the lawsuit believe that the company is violating both state and federal consumer protection laws.

According to the lawsuit and Texas law, if it is determined that Speedy Cash has violated the woman’s rights, she could be entitled to up to $500 per phone call made to her. Under federal laws, she could be entitled to additional damages depending on what the ongoing investigation determines. Speedy Cash corporate officials have not commented on the case.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

The harassment and stress experienced by the Texas woman in this article are hardly an isolated event. Debt collectors often use harassing and abusive practices, and quite often these actions cross the legal lines. Under Texas law, the following actions are considered illegal:

  • Using a telephone to harass, call anonymously, or make continued or repeated calls;
  • Make collect telephone calls without disclosing the caller’s name before charges are accepted;
  • Failing to identify who holds the debt;
  • Threatening arrest or property seizure;
  • Use of profane or obscene language;
  • Using a false name or identification

Unfair or illegal debt collection practices are never okay. If you have been harassed, abused, or threatened by a debt collector, it is important to contact Daic Law right away to put a stop to these illegal activities. Let us help you protect your legal rights, explore your debt defense options, and get the justice you deserve. Whether you need advice or are facing a debt collection lawsuit, we can help!

Contact Daic Law by calling 877-893-6040, or by emailing us at info@daiclaw.com. Schedule your confidential, no-obligation consultation today. Daic Law helps clients throughout Texas, including areas near Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.

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