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Practice Areas

DAIC Law Practice Areas
We offer a variety of legal services tailored to your needs

Whether you have been sued by a creditor, you are interested in forming your own business but aren’t quite sure where to start, or you have questions about a legal claim that you think you might have, Daic Law can help you determine the best route to take.

Practice Areas

Debt Collection Lawsuits
Debt Defense
Will Drafting
Business Law
Business Litigation
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Fees starting at $45/month
Credit Card Lawsuits
Note Loans
Repossession Deficiency
Insurance Subrogation
Equipment Lease Agreements
Business Law
Fees Vary
Breach of Contract Disputes
Deceptive Trade Practices Act
Fraud/Fraudulent Misrepresentation
Business Formation
Contract Review
Business Starter Kit
Fees Vary
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Payment Plan Options
Lum Sum Options
Means Test Determination
Other options?
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