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At Daic Law, our mission is clear: Provide simple solutions for complex legal matters. Our goal is to help our clients ensure the safety and security of their futures. Whether you are a consumer or a small business, we can help you understand your rights and the best options for resolving your legal matter.

We understand that this is a difficult situation. Our civil litigation law firm is dedicated to providing compassionate and competent legal advice and guidance.

Difficult Name. Simple Solutions. 

We are a Texas-based civil litigation law firm.

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We practice in debt defense, business law & litigation, bankruptcy, personal injury, and general civil litigation. No matter what type of legal service you need, you can trust that Daic Law has your best interests at heart. We aim to assure our clients that with our help it is possible to efficiently and effectively resolve any issue.


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We provide a wide-range of legal services related to civil law & civil litigation. From representation in debt lawsuits to filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to drafting & reviewing contracts, Daic Law is here to assist you during your time of need. 

Find out how a civil litigation lawyer can help you resolve business disputes, debt collection lawsuits, or personal injury matters. Learn more about our legal services by calling 877-893-6040, or by emailing us at

Debt Lawsuits

If you have been sued by a creditor for a debt or an alleged breach of contract, it is important that you respond to the lawsuit as soon as possible. Our debt defense lawyer in Texas has experience in handling debt lawsuits involving credit card debt, debt collectors, medical debt, and more.

Don’t let debt collectors or debt collection lawsuits ruin your stability or security. Let us help you build a debt lawsuit defense.

Business Law & Litigation

Starting your own business can be both exciting and a little scary. At Daic Law we help entrepreneurs such as you decide what type of entity to form, as well as assist with formation, contract review, compliance, and more.

In some instances, a business dispute may arise…our law firm and civil litigation attorneys are here to help you along the way!


Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is an extremely personal decision, and we are here to talk with you about your options and the bankruptcy process.

Some common reasons why people have to file for bankruptcy include unemployment, high medical expenses, and divorce. Life throws us curveballs, but we can persevere. 

General Civil Litigation

Our office handles a variety of civil litigation matters ranging from employment issues, claims related to deceptive trade practices, contract disputes, and more. Contact our office for a free consultation. During that call, we will assess your legal needs and determine if we are the best firm to assist you. 

Do you have a legal concern and question but don’t know what to do?

Contact Our Civil Litigation Law Firm


We strive to provide simple solutions to your legal needs and we focus on customer satisfaction.
We have a firm belief in reliability, truth, and ability. Our trusted team is here to help you and provide legal options and guidance during this time. Our goal is to be consistent and reliable so that you can know you can depend on us.
Our firm has experience handling legal matters such as yours. Have you been sued by a creditor? Do you need someone to review a commercial lease agreement? Are you taking a leap and starting your own business? The civil litigation attorneys at Daic Law are here to assist you!
We are excited and passionate about serving our clients in a variety of legal matters, and we are here to provide you with our support and guidance. We support and represent clients throughout Texas.
We will fight for your rights. If you hire Daic Law, we will remain your strongest advocates when disputes arise. It is our job to fight for you and make sure that you receive justice, because you deserve it.

Our Philosophy

At Daic Law, our mission is clear: Provide simple solutions for complex legal matters. Our goal is to help clients ensure the safety and security of their futures. Whether you are a consumer or a small business, we can help you understand your rights and the best options for resolving a legal matter.

We will be your strongest advocate in your time of need. We pride ourselves on helping the “little guy” resolve disputes, maintain financial security, and move forward toward a successful future. Whether you need legal advice or have an active case, we are here to help.



Our civil litigation practice provides support and guidance along the way! We pride ourselves on being a client-centered law firm.


Easy Communication

We enjoy staying in regular contact with our clients via either phone, text, or email. It’s easy to get in touch with our office, so just reach out when you have a question! 


Payment Plan options

Our law firm offers payment plan options tailored to your needs. Our office also accepts online payments for your convenience. 


Have a question or need legal advice?

We are here to answer your questions. Communication is a two-way street and our plan is to work with you on your case.

OUR Intake Process

Phone Consultation
The first step in our Intake Process is the phone consultation. Once your phone consultation is scheduled, we will put you in touch with someone from our Intake Team who will discuss: 1) The facts about your legal matter; 2) Whether or not we can assist you; 3) How we can assist you (as applicable), and 4) Our Rates.
Engagement Agreement
If we determine that we can assist you with your matter, and if you are interested in hiring our firm, we will send you a "Power of Attorney & Engagement Agreement" for you to review, sign, and return. This can be done electronically, in-person, or via USPS.
Initial Fee
Once we have the signed & returned Engagement Agreement, our office will send you an Invoice. Please note that our office offers various payment options, including payment plans, lump sum payments, hourly rates, and flat rate packages.
Next Steps
After you have signed up with Daic Law, someone from our office will reach out to you to inform you of the next steps. Whether it is obtaining more information from you, filing an Answer, drafting a demand, or something else, we will keep you informed throughout the process.
Obtaining Information
In some instances, we may need to obtain additional information from you. For example, if you are filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we will likely need copies of tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs, and more. Are you starting a new business? Be thinking about business names that you like! Want us to send a demand for payment of services rendered? Be sure to send us the relevant details.

It will be necessary for us to obtain the pertinent information and documents from you in order to better assist and counsel you.
We ask that you keep the lines of communication open and let us know the best way to contact you. Do you prefer email? Phone calls? Text messages? We make it easy to stay in touch!
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