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Dallas Debt Defense Attorney

Dallas Debt Defense Attorney

Daic Law is a Debt Defense Law Firm Dedicating to Helping Individuals in Dallas and Across Texas

Are you getting calls from debt collectors or have a summons from a debt collector or buyer? Daic Law can help. Our Dallas debt defense attorney understands how frustrating and stressful these situations can be. We help clients across Texas successfully resolve debt and gain financial freedom.

Dallas Debt Defense Attorney

We live in financially challenging times. Every day, the team at Daic Law receives questions and inquiries about debt defense and debt resolution. Millions of individuals and families are facing financial hardship due to job loss, medical expenses, credit card debt, and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coping with Financial Difficulties

When finances are tight and you are facing mounting debt, it is easy to get overwhelmed by debt collection efforts. Debt collectors often call numerous times, and they may not act in an ethical and just manner. If you are being sued by a creditor or debt collector, you may be facing even more stressful circumstances.

In these difficult times, you should know that you have rights, and you are not alone. At Daic Law, we help clients deal with harassing debt collectors, debt collection lawsuits, and other debt matters. Our goal is to find ways for you to take back control of your finances.

Types of Debt Defense Cases We Handle

Daic Law is dedicated to helping Texas consumers protect their consumer rights and find the best options possible for debt relief or resolution. We help clients with debt defense cases involving:

Credit Card Collection Lawsuits

We investigate your experience with credit card companies, including checking for any errors or violations of your rights. Errors or violations could result in your lawsuit being dismissed.

Debt Collection Lawsuits

Creditors like hospitals and healthcare providers may sue you to obtain payment. If the collection agency cannot prove you owe the money, we will fight to make sure you are not liable.

Debt Negotiation

Creditors will often tack on fees and interest that make you owe even more. We negotiate on your behalf to reduce the total amount owed.

Judgment Defense

If a creditor has obtained a default judgment against you, you may find your bank account garnished or a lien put on your home. We work to protect your rights and defend you against judgment actions.

With any debt defense matter, trust the Dallas debt defense lawyer at Daic Law to see you through.

Debt Defense Strategies

At Daic Law, our Dallas debt defense attorney can help you explore multiple strategies to defend your rights and secure the best outcome possible for your debt-related case. Some of the more common debt defenses include:

  • Mistaken Identity
  • Expired Statute of Limitations
  • Payment Arrangements in Place
  • Lack of Documentation
  • Illegal Debt Collection Practices
  • Debt was Already Paid

The defenses available to you will depend on the facts of your case. The team at Daic Law will carefully examine all aspects of your case to find the best options for financial relief.

Contact our Dallas Debt Defense Attorney

Debt collection and financial matters are stressful. But you are not alone. You don’t have to face creditors or debt collectors on your own. Let the team at Daic Law work on your behalf to get the debt resolution you need. Call us today for a free consultation at 877-893-6040. You can also email us at

Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Card Lawsuits

I have been sued and I don't know what to do next. Can you help?

Yes! Being sued is certainly cause for concern, and it’s only natural that you feel unsure of what to do next. The best thing you can do is contact Daic Law as soon as possible. Our Dallas debt defense attorney can immediately begin exploring your case and building debt defense options. We can assist you in filing an Answer (response) to the lawsuit, negotiating with creditors or debt collectors, and ensuring that your rights are being upheld. 

Can I dispute a debt?

You can dispute a debt by contacting the debt collector via certified mail (we recommend getting a return receipt). The debt collector then has 30 days to investigate and determine if the debt is correct. If so, they can resume collection activities. If not, they must notify you of any changes they report. 

Am I going to have to file for bankruptcy?

Not necessarily. Even if you have mounting debt or are being sued by a debt collector, there may be options for debt relief other than bankruptcy. Before deciding on bankruptcy, it is wise to speak with a civil litigation lawyer. Here at Daic Law, our lawyers are here to advise clients on all debt defense and resolution options that apply to them. Sometimes it is negotiating with a creditor, and sometimes it is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In any case, the best way to ensure a successful outcome is by working with a skilled lawyer. 

How long do I have to respond to a debt collection lawsuit?

In Texas, most debt-related lawsuits require a response within 20 days plus the following Monday from when you receive the summons. You should count weekends and holidays just to be safe.

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