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Meagan Cline

Meagan Cline


+1 (877) 893-6040
+1 (877) 893-1651


Meagan Cline is a Paralegal at Daic Law. In this role, she supports attorneys, staff, and clients as they move through the legal process. From intake to case resolution – Meagan is an integral part of the Daic Law system. She communicates with clients, courts, and opposing counsel to support our attorneys and ensure each case is organized and moving forward.

In addition to her role as a Paralegal, Meagan also handles content writing and digital marketing for Daic Law. She maintains the website and content, writes blogs and social media posts, and assists with creating other marketing materials as needed.

My job is to handle tasks and maintain organization so our attorneys can focus on the most important aspect of our firm – our clients.

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