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Austin Debt Defense Attorney

Austin Debt Defense Attorney

At Daic Law, we Help Clients with Debt Defense and Debt Resolution

If you are battling mounting debt, harassing debt collectors, or have been sued by a creditor, Daic Law wants to help. Our Austin debt defense attorney can help you protect your rights and fight back against unfair or unjust debt collection practices. If you are facing a lawsuit, we can help you resolve your case in the most favorable way possible.

Austin Debt Defense Attorney

Are you facing debt collection efforts or a potential debt collection lawsuit? Did you know that you can fight debt collectors or lawsuits in pursuit of a better outcome for you and your family? Let an Austin debt defense attorney help!

At Daic Law, we understand how difficult it is when your finances suddenly become overwhelmed. Every day, millions of Americans battle mounting debt due to unexpected events. It is important that consumers know that help is available.

Debt Defense Strategies

Whether you are being harassed by a debt collector or have received a lawsuit summons, it’s important to get legal guidance as soon as possible. You should never ignore debts or a lawsuit, as the outcome can be devastating. Instead, contact Daic Law to find out what your debt defense options are.

Our debt defense lawyer in Texas will thoroughly review all aspects of your situation. We will advise you of your rights and responsibilities, and will work with you to find the best outcome possible. Some possible debt defense options include:

  • There are errors or omissions in the paperwork or lawsuit
  • There is an illegal credit agreement
  • Your summons was improperly served
  • The statute of limitations has expired
  • The debt collector or creditor used, or is using, illegal debt collection practices
  • You have a payment arrangement already in place
  • You do not actually owe the debt in question

The Statute of Limitations on Texas Debts

In Texas, there is a statute of limitations on debts. In other words, there is a certain period of time in which creditors can attempt to collect a debt. The statute of limitations is four years for most debts. After that time, if the creditor continues collection actions, you may have the option of having your case dismissed.

The Danger of Ignoring a Debt Collection Lawsuit

If you have received a summons and are being sued by a debt collector, it is important that you don’t ignore the lawsuit. In Texas, you have 20 days from the date you receive the summons to file a response with the court. If you don’t respond to a debt collection lawsuit within that time, the court may issue a default judgment against you.

If there is a default judgment against you, the creditor can garnish your bank account, put a lien on your home, and potentially seize other non-exempt assets to repay the debt.

Contact Our Austin Debt Defense Attorney

To find out your best debt defense options, contact Daic Law today. Let our Austin debt defense attorney guide you through the debt resolution process while ensuring your rights are protected. Our team works hard to provide individualized debt relief options that really work for our clients. Don’t wait to get the help you need.

Get a free consultation with our debt defense lawyer by calling us at 877-893-6040, or by emailing us at

Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Card Lawsuits

I have been sued, do I have to respond to the Complaint?

Yes. Even if you don’t believe you owe the debt, or there are inconsistencies or violations of debt collection laws, you still must respond to the lawsuit. If you don’t respond, the court could issue a default judgment against you, which can be devastating to your finances and credit.

Can a creditor sue me even if I've made a payment arrangement?

Unfortunately, a creditor can still sue you even if you are making payments per an arrangement. If you cannot continue payments or miss payments, it is important to contact the creditor and attempt to make additional arrangements. If you are in a payment arrangement and receive a summons, contact a debt defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

How long do I have to respond to a debt collection lawsuit?

In Texas, most debt-related lawsuits require a response within 20 days plus the following Monday from when you receive the summons. You should count weekends and holidays just to be safe.

Can I go to jail if I don't pay or respond to a lawsuit?

No. You cannot go to jail for not paying a debt, or for not responding to a lawsuit. Of course, there are negative consequences for both of these actions, but not jail time. Also, a creditor cannot threaten you with jail time – or threaten you at all. If they do, they are violating your rights under state and federal laws.

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