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What You Need to Know about #protectpolicyholders


In response to numerous allegations of unfair claims handling among Texas insurance providers, Texas Watch has published a “one-stop resource” for consumers to learn more about the ongoing fight to protect policyholders. Read on to learn more about the Texas Watch resource, and what you need to know about #protectpolicyholders.

What is #protectpolicyholders?

#protectpolicyholders is more than just a hashtag. It is a cry to protect consumers and stop unfair claims handling. Insurance companies are purportedly delaying, denying, and underpaying valid insurance claims made by Texans. At the same time, they remain “off the hook” for their unfair practices. Texas Watch offers the following data about the ongoing fight:

  • 78% of Texans believe that valid insurance claims are routinely delayed, denied, or underpaid.
  • 88% of Texans want easier access to the court system and harsher punishments for insurance companies.
  • 84% of Texans believe that consumers are paying more and getting less out of their home and auto insurance than ever before.
  • During the span of time that insurance lobbyists have called a “crisis”, Texas’ homeowner insurance industry saw nearly $5 billion in underwriting profit.
  • Despite being called a “litigation crisis” by insurance lobbyists, the number of lawsuits filed is 1.5-2% across the insurance industry.
  • Only one of every three claims filed by policyholders are reopened following complaint.
  • Insurance companies fail to listen and address consumers in their time of need.

The Heart of the Issue (and hashtag)

Like residents of every state, Texans pay their monthly, quarterly, or yearly insurance premiums. All with the promise that if disaster strikes, their insurance company will provide the specified coverage. Unfortunately, Texas insurance companies, insurance lobbyists, and Texans for Lawsuit Reform are fighting against Texas consumers. These organizations seek to roll back over 40 years of policyholder protections.

In response to previous fights for policyholder rights, many insurance companies attempted to change their policies to include arbitration of complaints or disputes. This measure would be detrimental to policyholders, and would more often than not result in favorable outcomes for the insurance company who typically hires the arbitrator or attorneys managing the case.

Fighting for Your Rights

At Daic Law, our insurance recovery attorney is passionate about protecting policyholders from unfair insurance practices. We understand how devastating an auto accident, natural disaster, fire, or crime can be to your family. We want to help you get the coverage you deserve.

Contact Daic Law today and we will help you begin the process of sorting through a bad insurance situation. Call our office at 877-893-6040, or send us an email at We are very responsive, and we look forward to working for you.


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