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Rooms to Go Settles Pregnancy Discrimination Case for $55,000

pregnancy discrimination

RTG Furniture Corp. of Georgia, the corporation operating numerous Rooms to Go furniture stores, has settled a pregnancy discrimination case for $55,000. According to reports, RTG has also agreed to provide “other relief” related to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that RTG terminated an employee because she was pregnant, which violates federal laws.

Pregnancy Discrimination Case Information

In June 2015, RTG hired a woman, assigning her to work as a Shop Apprentice. The job was located in the Dunn, North Carolina training facility. Her job included using tools and chemicals to repair furniture. Just three days after the hire, the new employee informed her training supervisor that she was pregnant. That same day, she was called to a meeting with the regional shop manager. There, she was asked to confirm that she was pregnant.

The EEOC lawsuit claims that the regional shop manager showed the employee a canister of lacquer thinner which documented a warning that the product could be dangerous to a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. The regional shop manager discussed the warning with the employee, and then told her she could not continue working at the facility.

The EEOC lawsuit claims these actions violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Amended by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), Title VII prohibits employers from terminating employment based on pregnancy. The EEOC manages claims of pregnancy discrimination and enforcement of federal laws.

Holding Employers Accountable

Filing a lawsuit against an employer can seem daunting. But it is important in order to hold those who violate federal laws accountable. In this case, RTG settled with a payment of $55,000, as well as a three-year consent decree requiring the company to develop a policy prohibiting pregnancy discrimination. RTG is also required to hold annual training seminars for employees at all levels on Title VII and the anti-discrimination policy it develops. RTG will also provide the EEOC with periodic reports.

The goal of lawsuits like this one are to restore those harmed by discrimination, but also to make sure that employers know the significance of violating federal laws. Pregnant women have the right to employment in any environment so long as they and their healthcare providers see fit. Employers do not have the right to impose their opinions about what is safe or not for employees by discriminating against them for any reason.

Know Your Rights

If you are pregnant, or are planning to become pregnant, you should learn about your legal rights and anti-discrimination laws. Contact Daic Law to speak with our labor and employment attorney about the best ways to protect yourself from pregnancy discrimination. Call us at 877-893-6040, or send us an email at


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