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Dish Network Employee Rights Violated in Wage Cuts

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A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) administrative law judge has found that Dish Network violated Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The case involve two Texas Dish Network facilities. According to media reports, Dish Network made unilateral changes to healthcare coverage and wages at both facilities. They also refused to work with the union. The NLRB has found that employee rights were violated in these actions.

Judge’s Decision Protects Employee Rights

The two locations in question were unionized in 2009 after worker’s expressed animosity about the Quality Performance Compensation pilot program (QPC). The program was aimed at providing low wages and large incentives. According to the decision made by Administrative Law Judge Robert A. Ringler, Dish Network violated NLRA laws when it discharged 17 employees via “Hobson’s choice” – an option of taking a 30 percent pay cut or forfeiting their rights under Section 7.

The NLRA decision follows a preliminary injunction filed by the NLRB that would require Dish Network to restore wages to the unionized employees to what it was previously. The NLRB alleged that Dish Network made “illegal unilateral” changes after that time. After employees complained about the new policies, the NLRB got involved and took the case to federal court.

Judge Ringler ordered Dish Network to “cease and desist” the unfair practices and to restore relations with the union. Dish Network was also ordered to restore employment or offer jobs to the 17 employees who were previously discharged. They must also provide back pay and interest.

Protecting Your Rights

No matter what sector you work in, state and federal laws are very strict about how your employer manages business, wages, and benefits. Any time you have questions about your rights as an employee, or if a dispute arises, seek legal guidance. These situations require the help of an experienced labor and employment law attorney. At Daic Law, we are passionate about protecting your rights and ensuring that employers follow labor and employment.

Contact Daic Law to learn more about Texas’ labor and employment laws, unions, discrimination laws, and your rights. Call our office at 877-893-6040, or send us an email at, to request your free consultation.

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