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Texas Bathroom Bill Could Cost the State Amazon Headquarters and 50,000 Jobs


Many cities and states have been vying for the opportunity to secure Amazon’s second headquarters which promises 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in facilities investments. If secured, Amazon would be the largest corporate expansion in Texas history. It could also potentially end some of the economic challenges caused by natural disasters this year. Unfortunately, the controversial Texas bathroom bill could cost the state the possibility of securing the Amazon headquarters.

Texas has an excellent reputation in terms of business and education. In September, 2017, Texas was, again, ranked number one in the United States for a thriving business climate. Already home to 20,000 Amazon fulfillment centers, Texas would seem to be an easy choice for a company looking to expand headquarters. Amazon is, however, proving to be careful in where they choose to set up their new location. There is a great deal of speculation about where the company will settle.

Amazon Details “Wish List” for Second Headquarters

Amazon has detailed a “wish list” for locations being considered for their second headquarters. One of the chief items detailed is the fact that the company wants to “avoid states with discrimination policies”. One such discrimination policy is none other than the controversial Texas bathroom bill. Though the bill did not pass, it has not stopped Amazon from thinking twice about putting a headquarters in the state.

For many, potentially including Amazon, legislation like the Texas bathroom bill is nothing more than an attempt at justifying discrimination via smokescreen. Opponents to such legislation note that states passing similar bills have suffered devastating economic declines. They report loss of jobs and decreased tourism. Not exactly what a corporation of Amazon’s size and stature looks forward to in their SWOT analysis.

Now, media sources are reporting that Amazon may take the many Texas cities competing for a shot at Amazon’s new headquarters off the table entirely unless lawmakers remove the bathroom bill from future legislative sessions. Should Texas be removed from the running due to poor legislation choices, it could be heralded as the “largest missed economic development opportunity of the 21st century for Texas”.

This all begs the question of just how much are Texas lawmakers willing to throw away for the sake of a controversial political issue?

Want to Learn More about Texas Discrimination Laws?

Discrimination is a hot topic for many, if not most, Texas industries. Whether the issue is discrimination in the workplace, the Texas bathroom bill, or healthcare coverage for same-sex couples, many states in the U.S. are watching Texas with an eager eye.

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