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Study finds Social and Legal Climate Contributes to Discrimination in Texas

discrimination in Texas

The Williams Institute recently released a report that is startling. According to the report, the social climate and laws in Texas contribute to discrimination and stigma among the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community in society, employment, and even school. At a tedious time for Texas lawmakers currently considering a variety of anti-LGBT bills, this report is causing quite a stir.

Discrimination in Texas – A Climate of Chaos

Titled “The Impact of Stigma and Discrimination Against LGBT People in Texas”, the Williams Institute study highlights research and data documenting discrimination against the LGBT population in Texas, which is estimated to include 770,000 adults and more than 150,000 youth. The study concluded with Texas ranked 39th in the United States in terms of acceptance of the LGBT community, placing them toward the bottom of the list in terms of LGBT support and acceptance.

With Texas lawmakers currently considering laws that could allow business owners the right to refuse service to LGBT patrons based on their religious beliefs, as well as the “Bathroom Bill” aimed at banning trans-inclusive bathroom policies, it is not difficult to see how Texas is lacking in acceptance and equality.

Some of the key findings of the study suggest there are many detriments to the prevalent discrimination against the LGBT community, including the following:

  • LGBT Texans experience discrimination in employment, public accommodations, housing, and education.
  • The health disparities experienced by the LGBT community negatively impacts the overall economy.
  • LGBT youth experience discrimination, bullying, and harassment at school.
  • LGBT Texans experience economic instability.
  • Discrimination against the LGBT community has negative economic consequences for employers and the State of Texas government.
  • LGBT youth and adults experience disparities in healthcare.
  • There are negative impacts on the economy when bullying and family rejection of LGBT youth occurs.

In sum, the study suggests that discriminating against the LGBT community has a negative impact on Texans across the state. It further suggests that embracing support and acceptance could benefit the overall economy in the state.

Learn More and Protect Your Rights

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