Texas Woman Files Premises Liability lawsuit After Slipping on Water

A Texas woman has filed a premises liability lawsuit after she reportedly slipped on a pool of water while visiting a Houston apartment complex. According to the complaint, in February 2017 the woman slipped on a pool of water in the lobby, causing her to fall and hit her head on the floor. She alleges… Read More

Texas Motor Vehicle Accident Laws

Drivers in Texas have certain rights and responsibilities when a motor vehicle accident occurs. While most drivers know to call 911 and exchange information, many drivers don’t know what the actual laws are that may impact them or their insurance or personal injury claims. Let’s take a look at four of the most fundamental Texas… Read More

Is Summer Driving More Dangerous than Other Seasons?

Summer is just around the corner, and for many people, that means more time traveling or enjoying the many parks and landmarks across the state. Unfortunately, summertime driving can be deceptively dangerous. While there are no icy roads, and the springtime rain and flooding risk has abated, there are other dangers of summer driving that… Read More

What Exactly is Distracted Driving?

When people hear the term “distracted driving” they immediately think about cell phone use and texting while driving. The truth is, distracted driving includes so much more than just texting. What exactly does distracted driving include? With 23 percent of all auto accidents in the United States caused by distracted driving, it is important for… Read More

Keep Halloween Spooky Safe with These Safety Tips

  Halloween is just around the corner, and as you prepare your little goblins and ghouls for trick-or-treating, you should also prepare them to be safe. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that, on Halloween, children are four times more likely to be hit by an automobile. Whether you are staying… Read More

Back to School Safety Tips for Texas Drivers

As millions of students prepare to return to school, Texas drivers can expect the rules of the road to shift. As school zones become active and traffic flows change, drivers must stay alert and follow the law when behind the wheel. With the help of information from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), here are… Read More

NovoPen Insulin Delivery Pens Recalled as Defective Product

Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is recalling NovoPen insulin delivery pens as a defective product as there is a risk of the cartridges cracking or breaking. A spokesperson for Novo Nordisk stated that the risk of injury or illness was low, but a recall was ordered after numerous complaints were filed with the manufacturer over… Read More