The Hidden Agendas in Healthcare Reform

The past few months have been ripe with talk about healthcare reform. The United States Senate has been focused on health care bills, and the U.S. House of Representatives is voting on a number of medical malpractice-related legislation. In a time when our political and healthcare systems seem more volatile than ever, many are questioning… Read More

Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Whether at home or while traveling, winter driving can be extremely dangerous if you are unprepared. Even if you live in part of the country where freezing temperatures are rare, you should never underestimate Mother Nature or the power of unpredictability. At Daic Law, we want to make sure that your family is safe, no… Read More

Auto Accident Statistics for Holiday Drivers

With Thanksgiving upon us and Christmas just around the corner, millions of Americans will hit the road to visit friends and family. While we all stay tuned to hear the latest on traffic advisories, flight cancellations, and delays in mass transit, most of us are blissfully unaware of the fact that holidays are especially dangerous… Read More

Houston Principal Facing Wrongful Death Suit

A Houston principal is facing a wrongful death lawsuit after being involved in a tragic car accident in September. According to media reports following the accident, a truck traveling on U.S. 290 struck a construction barrier sending the truck airborne before it landed on the top of a nearby SUV. The driver of that SUV,… Read More