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Lawyers offer free legal help at Houston IAH 

Today Daic Law founder, Megan Daic, had the privilege of assisting over 30 other lawyers offering free legal help to individuals with green cards or legally-obtained visas. The lawyers targeted individuals who had been detained at the airport. They are also offering assistance and support to their family members. The event was hosted at Houston IAH.

Following an Executive Order signed by President Trump, lawyers throughout the country came out in full force to assist people who have been denied entrance to the United States based on their place of origin.

According to Megan Daic,

It was an honor to assist talented immigration attorneys in the community and work together – in solidarity – to help families adversely affected by the recent Executive Order.

Although it is unclear how much of an impact these attorneys’ time and efforts have truly made, it is important to come together in our communities, and as a nation, to show our support for our fellow humans.

A group of lawyers set up by the Starbucks at Terminal E arrivals. Many will likely continue to provide assistance and offer support in the coming days. The goal is to help as many people as possible with free legal help that matters for them.  free legal help

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