Three Common Misconceptions about Enforcing Non-Compete Agreements in Texas

Non-competition agreements, or non-competes, are a valuable asset to many business owners. Unfortunately, these agreements can quickly become the subject of disputes, largely because one or both parties do not really understand what the agreement means. Here are three of the most common misconceptions about enforcing non-competes in Texas every business owner, employee, or contractor… Read More

An Overview of Mergers and Acquisitions in Texas

During the course of a business’s life, it is common for mergers and acquisitions to occur. Merging two businesses together or changing ownership are decisions commonly made when it is in the best interests of the business. A well-planned merger or acquisition is a great opportunity for businesses to grow, expand, or reach new markets.… Read More

What is Due Diligence in Corporate Law Matters?

Most people have heard the term “due diligence”, but few know what it actually means. In a broad legal sense, due diligence refers to the level of care, judgment, or prudence of a person in a particular circumstance. For example, the duty of a doctor to his or her patient. But what about in specific… Read More

Understanding Employee Leave when Starting a Business

If you are starting a business and will be hiring employees, you may find it beneficial to explore what the law says about wages and hours in Texas. This is an important element of starting, growing, or maintaining a business. Read on to learn more about Texas wage and hour laws, and what you need… Read More

6 Tips for Drafting a Legal, Binding Contract

Americans draft contracts for numerous reasons every day. Unfortunately, many of these contracts are not legal or binding, which leaves the individual or business owner at risk should a dispute arise. While there are no specific legal guidelines for drafting a contract, there is no question that this process should be carefully thought out, and… Read More

Common Questions about Contract Law in Texas

Contracts are an everyday part of many businesses in Texas.  These documents are designed to identify the duties and rights of each party subject to the terms of the contract, as well as identifying how disputes will be managed. Take steps to avoid catastrophic losses by reviewing some of the most common questions about contract… Read More

A Practical Guide to Starting a Business

If you have a product or service that you are ready to put in the hands of consumers, you may be ready to take the step and start your own business. The process of starting a business involves more than just an idea, however. To start a business you will need to plan, make financial… Read More