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Latina Equal Pay Day

Today is Latina Equal Pay Day, a day to recognize the wage gap affecting Latinas and bring awareness to ways society can make a change.

Today, a report was released on, which shows that Latina women in the United States are grossly underpaid compared to White men and women. In fact, according to the research, Latina women are paid 46% less than White men, and 26% less than White women. That means a Latina woman will work almost two years to make what a White man makes in a single year.

While many may argue that the disparity exists due to the jobs being performed, this new research shows that the gap exists when White and Latina employees work in the same positions.

The wage gap is tremendous for Latina employees and their families. Low wages means less money to cover basic necessities like food, rent/mortgage, healthcare, and school supplies. This has an impact far outside just the family, but extends into the community.

To learn more about how the wage gap affects Latina employees, check out this video:




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