What You Need to Know about Different Types of Wills

If you have ever considered estate planning – for now or the future – you may be overwhelmed with all the different options, terminology, and directions. Whether you are 30 and just starting a family, or are nearing retirement and planning for the ‘golden years’, we can help! At Daic Law, we aim to make… Read More

4th Graders Present “The Case of the Missing Cookies” at the Civil County CoutthouseĀ 

Daic Law founder and President of the Houston Trial Lawyers Foundation, Megan Daic, had an exciting time volunteering with the 4th graders from Kennedy Elementary as they presented their mock trial case, “The Case of the Missing Cookies”, yesterday at the Civil Courthouse. Five 4th grade classes prepared to present their case in front of… Read More

Study finds Social and Legal Climate Contributes to Discrimination in Texas

The Williams Institute recently released a report that is startling. According to the report, the social climate and laws in Texas contribute to discrimination and stigma among the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community in society, employment, and even school. At a tedious time for Texas lawmakers currently considering a variety of anti-LGBT bills,… Read More