Frequently Asked Questions about the Personal Injury Litigation Process

If you have been injured and believe that you may have a personal injury claim, it is only natural that you have questions about what to do first, what the litigation process entails, and what you can expect. At Daic Law, we are often asked the same, or similar, questions about personal injury claims. Here… Read More

8 Tips for Safe Driving in Rainy Weather

The autumn and winter months are among the wettest for much of the United States, so now is a great time to brush up on strategies to stay safe while driving in rainy weather, or while the roads are wet. Here are 8 tips for safe driving in rainy weather that you don’t want to… Read More

10 Uncomfortable Estate Planning Questions

Estate planning is a process that many people dread. Facing mortality and the decisions surrounding failing health can be tough. Because estate planning encompasses so many aspects of your life, there are also some uncomfortable questions you may be asked. 10 Uncomfortable Estate Planning Questions Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that… Read More

3 Things You Need to Know about Estate Planning and Divorce

Divorce is a complicated and emotional process. With your mind focused on issues like separating assets, child custody, and financial obligations, estate planning may seem irrelevant. Unfortunately, divorce is one life event that requires a review and revision of your estate plan in order to ensure that your wishes are intact. As your divorce progresses… Read More

7 Tips for Including Digital Assets in Estate Planning

Pretty much everyone has a digital identity nowadays. Most of us use social media, store files online, and email as a primary source of communication. Some people have digital assets related to their businesses as well, including many businesses that are entirely web-based. So what happens to your digital assets upon death? Here are Daic… Read More

Texas Woman Files Premises Liability lawsuit After Slipping on Water

A Texas woman has filed a premises liability lawsuit after she reportedly slipped on a pool of water while visiting a Houston apartment complex. According to the complaint, in February 2017 the woman slipped on a pool of water in the lobby, causing her to fall and hit her head on the floor. She alleges… Read More

Texas Motor Vehicle Accident Laws

Drivers in Texas have certain rights and responsibilities when a motor vehicle accident occurs. While most drivers know to call 911 and exchange information, many drivers don’t know what the actual laws are that may impact them or their insurance or personal injury claims. Let’s take a look at four of the most fundamental Texas… Read More