Houston Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common reasons why Texans file personal injury lawsuits. Slip and fall accidents can occur in any environment where there is a walking surface and the potential for hazards, such as liquid, obstacles, holes, or uneven surfaces. Slip and fall accidents fall under the umbrella of personal injury and premises liability law, and may include accidents such as:

  • Slip and Fall – Occurs when an individual slips on a walking surface that is slippery, such as from grease, food, ice, or liquid substances.
  • Trip and Fall – Occurs when an individual trips over an obstacle that should not be impeding the walkway.
  • Step and Fall – Occurs when an individual unexpectedly falls in a hole, down a ramp, or through unsafe flooring.

How your case is classified will depend on the individual facts of the accident, and is best determined with the guidance of a skilled personal injury or premises liability attorney. At Daic Law, we represent clients in cases like those described above, and more.

Slip and Fall Accident Information

Texas law requires property owners to ensure that visitors, customers, or guests on their premises are safe from hazardous conditions, defects, or potential dangers. Property owners or those in control of property have the duty of exercising reasonable care in maintaining the property and warning those entering the premises if a danger does exist. If the property owner or controller fails to uphold this duty and someone is injured as a result, then he or she may be sued in accordance with Texas law.

Slip and fall accidents can be caused my many factors, and can result in a wide assortment of injuries. Some of the most common slip and fall injuries reported in personal injury claims include:

  • Bruising
  • Stretched or pulled muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • Sprained wrists or ankles
  • Broken bones in the arms, legs, and tailbone
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head, neck, and brain injuries

Slip and Fall Liability

The duties owed by property owners or controllers may vary depending on the nature of the property and the classification of the individual who was injured. Texas law has three classifications for individuals, which are:

  • Invitee – Invitees include customers shopping in a store, guests at a home or apartment, or any time someone enters the property of someone else for the benefit of the property owner or controller. Property owners have a duty to disclose any dangerous or hazardous conditions that he or she is aware of (based on reasonable inspection) in order to prevent injuries. Failure to disclose or remedy dangers will result in the property owner being liable for injuries caused by said danger.
  • Licensee – The classification of licensee applies when an individual enters someone else’s property for a mutually beneficial reason (i.e. benefits the property owner and the visitor). Property owners or controllers have a duty to disclose known dangerous or hazardous conditions, but are not required to inspect the property to ensure safety.
  • Trespasser – A trespasser is someone who enters the property of someone else without permission or invitation. Trespassers can also include individuals who were invited to a particular location, but who venture beyond appropriate boundaries, such as private or employee only areas. Property owners have minimal duty to ensure the safety of a trespasser. However, Texas law does have certain provisions that place greater liability on property owners. Any applicable such provisions will depend on the individual nature and facts of the case.

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