At Daic Law, business litigation attorney Megan Daic assists individuals just like you with a variety of business litigation matters. Whether you are a small business just starting out, or are a corporation in dispute, Texas businesses can rely on the high quality service and experience of Daic Law.

Legal Representation for All Cases

No matter how large or small your case may seem, you deserve to have an outstanding attorney beside you when difficult legal matters arise. Our office offers services in the following areas:

  • Commercial and Business Law
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Breach of Contract (the most common form of business litigation, and the heart of most cases)
  • Fraud
  • Business Torts (including tortious interference, theft of trade secrets, intellectual property disputes, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate Litigation

Results that Make a Difference

Business litigation often involves multiple interested parties, extensive paperwork, and can be lengthy and financially taxing. If you find yourself in the midst of a business legal matter, it is important that you choose an attorney who is well versed in current business law, ethics, and the procedures required to understand the complexities of business litigation cases. Further, you want an attorney on your side who invests their heart into each client, and every case they manage.

Depending on the individual nature of your business litigation case, you may find yourself in need of legal representation for mediation, or for a trial. Business litigation law firm Daic Law is prepared to help you work through your case in the event of either situation. As an advocate for your rights, Daic Law will explore all legal options to help you secure the best outcome possible for your case. Daic Law is positioned to help negotiate settlements, but also has the experience needed to prepare you and your case for trial.

Free Case Review with a Skilled Texas Attorney

It is very important to begin working with an attorney as soon as a business litigation matter arises. Most legal matters have statutes of limitations, which are essentially deadlines at which point you can no longer seek legal recovery. Do not miss your opportunity to get the resolution you need. Count on the experience and skills of Daic Law.

Schedule a free case review right away by calling (713) 808-5246, or by filling out our online form, or sending us an email to We are very responsive to your questions or concerns, and will contact you in a timely manner.


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