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Galveston Debt Defense Attorney

Galveston Debt Defense Attorney

Daic Law is a Debt Defense Law Firm Dedicating to Helping Individuals and Families Across Texas

At Daic Law, we understand what you are up against with debt collectors. Our Galveston debt defense attorney works with debt defense clients every day. We know how to protect your rights and explore all available debt defense options.

Galveston Debt Defense Attorney

Creditors and debt collectors are counting on you being afraid or intimidated. Instead, they hope that you ignore their collection efforts or lawsuit, which could result in them getting a default judgment against you, and possibly more money.

The fact is, there are debt defense options that can prevent you from suffering the consequences of overwhelming debt or debt collection lawsuits. The key to protecting your rights and exploring those options is to work with a Galveston debt defense attorney.

Understand Your Debt Defense Options

Every day, millions of Americans face the reality of financial hardship or debt. Often, debt is the result of circumstances far outside our control, such as medical bills, unexpected job loss, or natural disaster. When this happens, it is natural to feel stress and uncertainty. But you should know that help is available.

You don’t have to fight debt or debt collectors on your own. At Daic Law, our team is dedicated to helping consumers protect their rights. We also know that there are many debt defense options available to consumers that can save them stress, time, and money.

When you work with us, our Galveston debt defense attorney will explore all possible options for debt relief. We will address critical issues that could affect your case and defense, such as:

  • Establishing that you do owe the debt.
  • Reviewing your paperwork for errors or omissions.
  • Determining the statute of limitations.
  • Exploring your previous or current payment arrangements.
  • Determining if the debt collector provided proper notice.
  • Ensuring that the creditor and/or debt collector has given you credit for all applicable payments, credits, and offsets.

Once we have all the facts, we will do everything in our power to protect your rights as a consumer and obtain a favorable outcome.

Never Ignore Debt Collection Efforts or Debt Lawsuits

If you are receiving calls or letters from a debt collector, you shouldn’t ignore their attempts. The longer they attempt to reach you or resolve a debt, the more opportunity they have to tack on fees and interest that could cost you money down the line.

Also, if you are being sued, it is important not to ignore the summons. If you ignore the summons and lawsuit, the court can issue a default judgment against you. That means, essentially, that the creditor “won” their case and you are responsible for the debt. To avoid this, you must file an Answer in the appropriate court within the specified timeframe.

Get Help from a Galveston Debt Defense Attorney

Facing mounting debt or debt collection efforts is stressful. Add to that the possibility that you may have to file documents or go to court, and it can be overwhelming. At Daic Law, we want you to know that you are not alone. We understand what you are going through, and our practice is dedicated to helping you find resolution.

Find out how we can help you build a debt defense case by calling us at 877-893-6040, or by emailing us at Our Galveston debt defense attorney offers a free consultation to every potential client. Don’t wait to get the debt defense help you need.

Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Card Lawsuits

I have been sued and I don't know what to do next. Can you help?

Yes! Being sued is certainly cause for concern, and it’s only natural that you feel unsure of what to do next. The best thing you can do is contact Daic Law as soon as possible. Our Galveston debt defense attorney can immediately begin exploring your case and building debt defense options. We can assist you in filing an Answer (response) to the lawsuit, negotiating with creditors or debt collectors, and ensuring that your rights are being upheld. 

Can a creditor sue me even if I've made a payment arrangement?

Unfortunately, a creditor can still sue you even if you are making payments per an arrangement. If you cannot continue payments or miss payments, it is important to contact the creditor and attempt to make additional arrangements. If you are in a payment arrangement and receive a summons, contact a debt defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

Am I going to have to file for bankruptcy?

Not necessarily. Even if you have mounting debt or are being sued by a debt collector, there may be options for debt relief other than bankruptcy. Before deciding on bankruptcy, it is wise to speak with a civil litigation lawyer. Here at Daic Law, our lawyers are here to advise clients on all debt defense and resolution options that apply to them. Sometimes it is negotiating with a creditor, and sometimes it is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In any case, the best way to ensure a successful outcome is by working with a skilled lawyer. 

Can debt collectors threaten to put me in jail?

This is one of the most common questions that debt defense lawyers in Texas are asked. Debt collectors will sometimes use extraordinary tactics to collect a debt. In many cases, their tactics are not just less-than-savory – they are actually illegal. 

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collectors must act in a fair and ethical way when attempting to collect a debt. Activities considered unfair and unethical include:

  • Threatening you with violence or law enforcement action
  • Using profane, abusive, or obscene language
  • Calling continuously or repeatedly
  • Calling before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • Contacting a third party in an effort to locate you or collect a debt 

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