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4th Graders Present “The Case of the Missing Cookies” at the Civil County Courthouse 


Daic Law founder and President of the Houston Trial Lawyers Foundation, Megan Daic, had an exciting time volunteering with the 4th graders from Kennedy Elementary as they presented their mock trial case, “The Case of the Missing Cookies”, yesterday at the Civil Courthouse.

Five 4th grade classes prepared to present their case in front of Judge Kyle Carter and Judge Mike Engelhart. Both judges did an excellent job. They were fair and worked with the students to help them learn more about the legal process and the courts.

Although Ms. Neal and Ms. Lowery were found guilty, we are confident they won’t take the whole plate of delicious chocolate chip cookies for themselves in the future!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and to HTLA and HTLF for their participation. A big thank you to Kennedy Elementary and Principal Lum for allowing us to be involved. We are looking forward to next year’s case! 

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